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What Makes Me Ticks !!!!

What Makes Me Ticks …!!!

Posted By: Umer Firoz Pirzada
Jun 30, 2012

These days when I follow up on the latest developments in Karachi. Things are just getting worse as a result the gore and violence has skyrocketed since the Mohajir Province movement started. I am still at a loss, as to what is going on. Ever since the fake Lyari operation which was just a sideshow to placate the MQM. The minute I learned that Zafar Baloch (the main leader of People Aman Committee) was flown to London from Karachi by the government and his name was on the ECL (Exit Control List) but I was shocked when I saw his latest picture with chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudry in different newspapers. This made one thing clear that the state wants to retain PAC as leverage against the MQM & Mohajirs.

The other interesting question that comes to mind is when the leaders of PAC are wanted and have bounties placed on their heads by the Sindh government. Why aren’t they being arrested and how can they roam around freely as a layman & why Chief justice Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudry meets him?

There is something really fishy going on which shows that the criminal governments of PPP ,ANP and PMLN want to kill Mohajirs and make Karachi a warzone and seize control of it by hook or by crook with the help of judiciary. What makes me tick is why is the MQM is so silent on these matters, the party I thought that stood for the oppressed Mohajirs has gone silent ether because its culpable or stupid and will get smacked in the rear by the PPP and ANP. Either ways the MQM is being too callow by not supporting the Mohajir province movement. This is a populist movement and the MQM shying away from this movement that is rather funny for me to even ponder. However it is quite clear that if the MQM distances itself from the Mohajir province movement and tomorrow people die. The MQM will be taken to task by the people of Karachi and Sindh.

Another interesting thing I would like to share is that PML-N has entered into an unnatural and unholy alliance with Sindhi Nationalist who wants Sindhudesh and wants Sindh to be a separate country. PML-N has openly, accepted these anti-state parties as partners. Yet the Mohajirs who gave up everything for Pakistan are still treated as second rate citizens. Also why is the MQM so silent on this issue why don’t they raise hue and cry, and expose the unholy alliance of PML-N and the Sindhi Nationalist and PPP’s criminal conspiracy by not arresting PAC leaders and the whole Zafar Balcoh grand escape to London? Hence coming back to the main assertion that the MQM is either part of the game or is darn stupid to realize that the federal, Punjab and Sindh governments are all conspiring to kill the voice of Mohajirs and they will do this at all costs.

I beg and urge Altaf Hussian and MQM to please get up and standby the Mohajir province Movement before it is too late. Whether we get the Mohajir province or not is a separate thing, but genocide of Mohajirs is impending and MQM must step in now to stop this, and get Mohajirs their province and due rights as per the constitution and International Law. The time has come to see whether MQM stands with the oppressed Mohajirs of Sindh or not. MQM must make the choice quickly the clock is ticking and the bomb could explode any minute and the aftermath shall be ugly and irreversible thereto.


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